Value Proposition

Health care provision in the US is facing change as consumers are increasingly evaluating healthcare services based on costs. The ACA (Affordable Care Act) complicate this issue further as it puts more financial pressure on medical providers to provide quality care at affordable prices. In such a system, medical care providers would need to adhere to certain processes and procedures including patient outcomes and patient satisfaction surveys. As from October of 2015, the healthcare industry will be required to transition from ICD-9 coding system to ICD-10. 

The ACA (Affordable Care Act) has made health care providers to focus more on infrastructure requirements, novel approaches and business opportunities so as to remain competitive. As a result, the health care system has evolved into a value-based care system that focuses on ensuring superior clinical outcomes while still controlling costs. This means health care providers would be focusing on coordinating patient’s care during their care cycle. In order to remain competitive, health care providers will need to invest in their infrastructure to play a more active role in the wellness of their patients. Such infrastructure would enable health care providers to be cost controllers and patient advocates. The ACA means that health care providers will be contracting partners who have products that can improve outcomes at the same cost, deliver similar outcomes and a lower cost, or improve outcomes at a lower cost. 

The Keller HIT Consulting Group aims at providing technical software and professional consulting to make billing procedures and diagnoses reporting requirements processes easier for physicians. The Keller HIT consulting group provides a transition process for health care providers by providing technical software that would harmonize hospital processes without losing on revenue. A product that would ensure that health care providers harmonize their care processes in accordance with the ACA while ensuring that they do not lose revenue would be an ideal product. Most providers focus on the features that they provide forgetting how difficult it would be for the customer to learn to use the product. While there are several technical software providers providing similar services, the Keller HIT Consulting firm will have trainers available to provide workshops and training for multiple types of physicians’ offices and facilities which makes the company product unique. Since this is a new system, medical providers are not familiar with the solutions that these firms have to offer and having a firm that provides training for the transition from ICD-9 coding system to ICD-10 is an advantage. 

The Keller HIT Consulting group will provide a technical software and professional consulting to make the transition process easier for physicians to adopt without losing revenue. This is for medical providers particularly small doctors’ offices who want to abide with the ACA and make an easy transition ICD-9 coding system to ICD-10 while remaining competitive and profitable. The product will ensure that the target audience does not lose their offices due to the changes in billing requirements. The consulting group provides a new product that would meet medical providers’ needs and provide ongoing support and will provide analysis to the providers’ office to see how they can improve their profit margin. This is a technology that would offer competitive benefits with minimal difficulties in implementing the solutions.


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