Techniques of Naturalization and Anti-Societal Protest

Techniques of Naturalization and Anti-societal protest

Every person possesses inbuilt values and principles that help determine an action as being right or wrong. However, there are situations where one decides to compromise these value and principles with aim of achieving goals or objectives that may be considered to be wrong or simply unlawful. The techniques of naturalization involve a series of methods that people can use to temporarily neutralize their inner values and principles in order to act in capacities that would otherwise be considered wrong or illegal. In his book “Think Criminology” Fuller (2011) says that people through techniques of naturalization are able to achieve self-justification for wrong doing.

In the recent years, global issues such as human rights, gender equality, and environmental awareness among others have taken a center stage in the social development. As such, protests and demonstrations have been very common all over the world. However, there has been concern on how justified some of these protests are. The question remains on what determines an act of social protest as being valid or not, or being right or wrong. Anti-societal protests tend to advocate for issues that have not legally been approved or accepted by the society. According to Fuller (2011) the society plays a key role in determining what is right and what is wrong. With this understanding, it is there possible to question the validity of anti-societal protests. 

Techniques of naturalization simply mean that an individual is fully aware of their actions but goes ahead with the wrong doing without hesitation. The anti-societal protests in the world today are based on different ideologies, motives as well as objectives. Protestants as well as the lobby groups that finance such demonstrations tend to go against the existing laws and social norms. Take a case in example of a society that has not yet legalize same sex marriage. When the Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) communities start to protest in such areas, they are going against the existing laws. However, such individuals are sometimes faced with the law and prosecuted. 

Techniques of naturalization tend to justify actions by giving simple but at the same time very powerful reasons that may be deemed as being valid. Take an example of an army officer who has been involved in shooting of innocent people under the command of their seniors. If faced with the law, such a soldier can simply say that they were obeying orders. This reason seems valid and has truth in it. The act of a soldier disobeying direct command from their senior officer is illegal. However, murder is equally illegal. The dilemma, as it turns out, will be to choose between which wrong to commit over the other. 

Fuller (2011) describes the social systems as a mechanism that builds individual and personal values and principles. People want to behave in a way that the society will accept. However, there are individuals who do not necessarily adapt to the social system of norms. This in return, leads to such people being considered as being outcasts or simply psychopaths. To such individuals, their actions are mainly controlled by the techniques of naturalization. They tend to find justification for every action they take whether wrong in terms of the social norms or the legal systems. 


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