Team Work Approach in Large Projects

Purpose of the study

Team approach has been known for its advantages by bringing individuals together to collaborate for a common goal. It is important to understand that in complex projects, a team approach can prove not to be effective due to the problems associated with a team. It is imperative for project managers to identify that team approach is not effective in all project, and therefore they have to assess the situation to identify the best model.

Significance of the study

The study of a management model to be used especially in a complex situation or project is important because there are adverse effects that are associated with such projects that include time, cost and quality (Dinsmore & Cabanis-Brewin, 2011). A management model should be identified that does not compromise on these three project constraints.


A team used in a complex project can lead to inherent conflicts which may compromise on the project constraints. Situations such as peer pressure and contrasting personalities can lead to conflicts making complex projects even more sophisticated (Kokemuller, 2016). The second issue associated with a team approach is the process of implementing the approach may take long. The team approach involves selection, planning, organization, orientation and time taken by the team to adapt, this may compromise especially on the time aspect of the project. Large team my lead to cost overruns or tie-up on important elements such as tools and equipment. Team approaches my limit creativity, consequently leading to stagnation of the project. Team approaches are majorly based on the overall good of the team compromising on ideas. Sometimes it may difficult to implement a team approach due to lack of team players and unequal participants in a team (Thompson, 2004).

Conclusion and Recommendations

Project Managers should carry out a cost-benefit analysis in choosing the management approach to use. Even though team approach can be effective in project management, in complex projects, issues such as conflict and incompatibility can lead to cost overruns, unmet deadlines and poor quality.

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