SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis

The chosen community is Kenosha County in the south east part of the state of Wisconsin. The community has several assets and resources and the environment also has a few strengths and weaknesses. This paper summarizes a SWOT analysis conducted on the community and the reasons for choosing this particular community. In addition, the paper explains the most important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for this community when it comes to addressing health needs. Lastly, the paper discusses the most surprising information about the community and how this information could be used in my community health needs assessment.

Kenosha County had a population of 168,521 in 2017 and according to the US Bureau of Census, most of this population is made up of people aged 65 years and below with the population of people aged 65 years and above shrinking for the past few decades (2018). I choose this community because I have been visiting the county in the past and the most intriguing part about this community is that the population is generally younger than the overall population in Wisconsin. Further, the community has several assets and resources that could be used for the good of the community.

The SWOT analysis for community can be summarized as follows:


  • A slightly younger population than the entire state of Wisconsin
  • A total of five hospitals and medical centers to meet the health needs of the population
  • Para-transit services provided by the City of Kenosha Department of Transport

  • Opportunity to develop a recreation park and fitness facilities 
  • Attractive and clean environment 
  • An opportunity to develop a high quality commuter rail services to facilitate transport within and outside the county

  • High rates of unemployment with 21% of the population working outside the state
  • High population of people living in poverty
  • Lack of jobs that pay a living wage

  • Unstable economic development
  • Food insecurity 

The most important strength of this community is a slightly younger population in the county compared to other counties in the states. This implies that the population that is at risk of diseases related to old age is lower and so the county does not spend much on health. A slightly younger population also means that most of the population is working or is economically productive. An important weakness in the community is the high unemployment rate in the community with most people seeking better jobs outside the state. This could have a negative impact on the economy of the area because the population is mostly made up of people aged below 60 years. An important opportunity is a chance to develop a high quality commuter rail service to facilitate transport and also provide job opportunities. An important threat is the unable economic development that could affect the ability of the community to afford basic needs like health and nutrition. 

The information that I found most surprising about the community is the little proportion of the elderly or people aged 65 years and above compared to other parts of the state. The community should therefore use this as an asset as a tax based; but the local government and other stakeholders should support economic development and industrialization to realize this benefit. The SWOT information has provided important insights on what to look at while conducting heath needs assessment in my community.


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