Strength Based Leadership

Strength-based leadership


Discovering one’s personal strengths has proven to be very instrumental in guaranteeing ones development and growth in economic, social and political perspectives. As such, the corporate world today put in place parameters that can determine and evaluate the personal strengths of prospecting employees. By doing this, companies and businesses are able to recruit the most effective and efficient individuals into their workforce. Based on this understanding, the discovery of my personal strengths was a great motivation to me as I suddenly started utilizing these strengths in my day to day life. The experience was astonishing and encouraging. Out of the experiences I have gone through, I have established that my key personal strengths are accountability, participative, restorative, relator and deliberative.

Personal strengths play a crucial role in determining the efficiency and effectiveness of leadership. Leadership is sometimes driven by a single person who has strong personal strengths likeability to motivate and encourage other people. Accountability is one of my strengths, and this is very crucial to anyone in a leadership position. Accountability simply means that the leader can account for the decisions they make while in office. As a matter of fact, today, some companies and businesses need their leaders to account for decisions they make while off duty. According to Studer (2009), accountability is one of the core leadership traits that the majority of companies look for. 

Leadership is driven by team work. As a leader, I will need to bring together the people I work with and align our perspectives in an effort to achieve our goals and objectives. In the process, duties and tasks will be assigned to different people. As such, I would need to be deliberative to ensure that all areas of the project have been catered for. By deliberating the duties and tasks, I will be offering a chance for the other people to showcase their unique traits and in the process, move closer to the objective. While doing this, other traits like participative will start to display themselves and in the process start to motivate the other people. 

However, there is one trait that I need to work on. Patience has been an issue with me for a long time. I tend to stick to the initial manual and last-minute changes or delays affect my decisions. Leaders need to be patient as they work with different kind of people. There are people who are known to be slow, but in most cases, these people are very efficient. If a leader lacks patience, they are likely to close out such effective individuals. Without patience, it is almost impossible to have long term strategic plans that are realistic and achievable. Patience enables a leader to discover and experiment with new personal strengths as the majority need time to be realized. 

As a manager, patience is what will drive short-term goals with the aim of achieving the long term goals. A case in example is a manager working in a new business that aims to grow in future. The start of a business tends to be very challenging. According to Barnes (2015), most of new businesses never grow beyond two year. Those that run beyond two year before a shutdown, tend to have acquired enough stamina to start prospering. Such a manager will need to have patience in order to grow. Managers also need patience in order to work effectively with the other stakeholders. These stakeholders could be members of staff, investors, and suppliers among other groupings. All these tend to have different worldviews and perspectives. In order for one to learn and understand how to relate and work with all these people will call for exceptional levels of patience. 

I have currently discovered several personal strengths, and I continue to explore more as times goes. However, one trait has been very outstanding among all the rest. Accountability has been key in many areas of my life. I intend to utilize this strength to boost my future career as a manager. Accountability is one of the mechanisms that helps create trust and confidence in a person. Through accountability, I will be able to gain confidence from the people I work with, and this will put me in a strategic position to win their trust. All these traits together will subsequently see to it that there is corporation and efficiency in the team. Meanwhile, college offers opportunities to explore these traits. By participating in unions, and clubs, I expect to showcase my exceptional level of accountability.  


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