Social Media Personal Brand Strategy


Personal branding is a continuous process that involves marketing oneself to other people (Johnson, 2017). Social media personal branding occurs when a person markets himself or herself to the society using social media. My social media personal branding strategy will enable me to sell myself as a marketer through various social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The key objective of this personal branding is to present my skills, qualifications, and social skills to potential employers, associates, working partners, and other people with whom we could have a mutually beneficial relationship. Through social media, I intend to grow my social network by reaching out to the right people. 


My strategy is to create a LinkedIn profile, Facebook and Twitter accounts and share my profile with other people so that they know my skills and qualifications and how to contact me. Apart from personal data and qualifications, the profile will include a summary of my work history, education background, accomplishments, and career goals. In addition, I intend to communicate the services that I could offer as a marketer and the reason why clients should be interested to work with me. I also intend to use my Facebook and Twitter account to communicate deals, packages, and random thoughts on marketing.  


I intend to work with a social media specialist to create professional LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles that will attract the right people. The profile will be kept current and will showcase my abilities, career goals, and personal accomplishments. Besides, each profile will contain a recent photo and key words such that my profile easily appears on a search engine. These profiles will then be shared among my existing contacts and with Facebook groups of companies and business communities who could help in enhancing my career opportunities. The social media platforms will be used to post and share articles, deals, and packages on marketing to attract the right contacts. I also intend to share my profile and contacts with marketing bodies, groups, and companies so as to increase my network and social media presence. 


The opportunity presented by this strategy is to increase my social presence and present my skills and qualifications to the right people. Consequently, I hope to get a LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter follower rate of people who might be seeking marketing services or those who would want to partner with or employ a marketer. Other possible opportunities brought about by this personal brand strategy are: greater prominence in the marketing profession, building new contacts, being nominated to speak in marketing bodies, and building networks outside my normal circles (Johnson, 2017). I also stand a chance to share some of my work with potential clients. Ultimately, this could enhance my credibility as a marketer by showcasing my work and building trust. 


Social media offers an opportunity to communicate skills, personal stories, career goals, knowledge, and experiences. The chosen personal brand strategy will enable me to create an online narrative that will communicate my abilities, qualifications, accomplishments, and why I chose the marketing career. The same information is what is used in interviews and hence, this will be easy for potential employers to visit my profile and review my skills and accomplishments. However, since personal branding is an endless process, keeping my profile updated will be valuable in attracting the right contacts.


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