Selling and Marketing on the Web

“The Electronic Commerce”, 11th Edition by Gary Schneider offers a variety of insightful information that is applicable to the current commercial activities to either large or small business entities. This book contains real world examples where the issues such as electronic selling and marketing are applicable and are efficiently covered in different topics. According to Schneider, the use of the World Wide Web as the platform for selling and marketing is ideal as it allows the advertisers to bid for opportunities to sell their ventures to the consumers. This is the main essence of e-commerce covered in Selling and Marketing on the Web. Marketing and selling through the web is significantly possible in the essence that the author uses different real world examples on how the advertisers, consumers, and the web managers interact to achieve the long-term desires and goals in the market (Schneider, 2015). According to the author, organization which use the e-commerce platforms are more likely to save on the cost of promoting the products, while they are also likely to appeal to more consumers in their time, especially during sales and marketing through the electronic platforms such as worldwide web. The topic captures the new online marketing and sales strategies, which most marketers use, resulting in effective and efficient outcome.
The 11th edition effectively covers the chapters on electronic sales and marketing through the web, giving a new dimension to the strategies and perspectives that organizations should consider while handling these issues. Through the effective review of different pertinent questions, the author provides the students an opportunity to feel the beauty of engaging in e-commerce across a diverse range of products. The information contained captures both the interest of the web users, consumers, advertisers, and companies, which is an interesting relationship for sales and marketing. In a critical way, the author examines the impacts of the recessions in the past, such as that of 2009, and how it has impacted the electronic commerce, especially sales and marketing through the websites and other online platforms (Schneider, 2015). Salesmen and marketers would find the book resourceful, especially on the chapters of sales and marketing on the web, which offers a global insight into online sales and marketing standards and culture. This is important for the organization’s long-term compliance with the platform’s set objectives, policies, and ethical implications. Electronic commerce has been described by the author as the marketing leader, based on the ideals and potential aspects of objective coverage of emerging issues in the markets.
In essence, as posted in the two topics, it is possible to apply the concept of e-commerce in sales and marketing, especially in online video and music sales and marketing. It is the most explained concept where the advertisers, music consumers, and the artists are joined together to satisfy their needs. In this regard, the article effectively covers the impacts of such a relationship and how the artists and their fans can be united through online and web sales and marketing (Schneider, 2015). Furthermore, the concept of e-commerce in sales and marketing is effectively applicable in the enhancing online communication and relationship with consumers, micro-financing, social networking, and mobile commerce. These are the trending industries where the concept of sales and marketing from the websites is applicable. In my opinion, the 11th edition is ideal for the emerging businesses, which is what everyone needs in the increasingly globalized markets through technology.

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