Security and Safety of Aircraft While in Flight


One of the most preemptive measures in pilot training and aviation is flight security and safety. Studies indicate that human performance deficiencies cause about 75 to 80 percent of the aviation mishap cases. Some might be due to terrorist attacks trying to exploit the weaknesses in U.S. aviation security as was evident in the September 11 attacks. However, immediately after the attacks, flight security became an important issue, especially in the nation’s policy agenda. Despite general agreement from different researchers and players in the aviation industry on what air travel security and safety entails and goals, controversy exists on how to regulate and provide safety and security to aircraft while in flight. Instances of interception of different aircraft by terrorists or other interest groups have been rampant which calls for the need to find new ways and technologies to combat the inflight insecurity and safety concerns. Little research, however, exists on the safety of planes while in the sky. This study seeks to address the various ways of improving the safety and security of the aircraft while in the sky through technological and scientific mechanisms. It discusses interventions regarding improving surveillance in the sky without compromise of the comfort and operation of the airlines. The paper will look at different literature concerning the safety and security of flights using secondary sources from which findings will be sought. The last part of the article will address recommendations and provide a summary and conclusions regarding the safety and security of aircraft while in flight.


  1. Introduction

This section of the research paper will introduce inflight security and safety. It will also provide information on the various studies giving information on the various ways of improving the security of the aircrafts while in the sky through technological and scientific mechanisms. This part of the paper will provide an overview of the American airline industry.

  1. Aviation Security as an Aspect of Aviation Safety

This section will provide a detailed account of the aviation security and safety.

2.1 Inflight Safety 

Inflight safety starts from the moment passengers get into the scanning machine in the airport. This section of the paper will analyze inflight safety to ensure passengers are safe.

2.2 Types of threats

When an airplane is in the air, it is susceptible to different threats. This section will look into the various types of threats passengers, cabin crew, and pilots may face when in flight.

2.3 Cyber-Attacks

Each airplane model has a particular loadable software configuration, which terrorists and other individuals might exploit to make attacks. This section of the paper will analyze cyber-attacks on airplanes.

2.4 Terrorism

Since 9/11, the aviation industry has been vigilant of terrorist activities since airplanes are an easy target. This section will provide detailed information on terrorism in the aviation industry as it pertains to in-flight activities.


2.5 Neutralizing Terrorism

Terrorists, such as Al Qaeda and Islamic States have been known to target airplanes as part of their agenda to back at the United States and other nations. This part of the research will look at the different ways of neutralizing terrorism in the aviation industry.

3.0 Methodology 

This part of the paper will gather information from other studies and secondary sources to provide evidence on the safety and security of aircrafts while in flight.

4.0 Results 

This section of the research will provide and analyze findings from the secondary sources.

5.0 Challenges to Improving Inflight Security and Safety

The aviation industry faces different challenges while adopting new technologies to improve travel security and safety while at the same time maintaining its appeal. This section of the paper will analyze the challenges companies face when improving inflight security and safety.

6.0 Recommendations

This section of the paper will provide recommendations for inflight security and safety.

7.0 Conclusion

This section of the research will provide a conclusion to the paper regarding the findings and recommendations for safety and security for air travel.


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