Response Denise Lindsey: A Framework for Assessing Effects of the Food System

The Institute of Medicine, IOM (2015) report talks about the effects and interactions across the environmental, health, economic as well as social aspects in a bid to assess the effects of the food system to a level whereby the benefits far outweigh the risks. It further touches on the committee’s basis for understanding and analyzing the effects, tradeoffs as well as guide decision-making in the ever-changing food system. 

IOM (2015) further asserts that food system decisions may affect the world and may impact the environment, such as water, soil, and climate; and human health in terms of chronic disease risk and the society may be affected with regard to food affordability and accessibility. This would then require an analytical approach that could consider key interactions. Moreover, the framework would work to identify the unintended effects, boost communication and transparency. It would also assist in eliminating any chances of policy analysis misinterpretation (IOM, 2015). 

The framework would allow Advanced Practice Nurses, APNs to promote the health and safety of the community by educating the people on the framework procedures. APNs would use the data collected to work and increase human capacity as the frame work suggests about training stakeholders on the use of the model as well as data collection, research design and analytical methodologies. Further, the principles of the framework would assist in proposed policy changes.

Ethics would be applied by combining health policies and considerations toward a mutually acceptable goal and a compromise can be reached on conflicting issues. The ethics of doing the best at all times and not harming another person is evidenced in the report in averting the consequences of unsafe food as well as determining of access to healthy, safe food.


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