Report for the Board of Council to read during Annual General Meeting.


IYAD, a division of PERDAUS focuses on early childhood education believing in empowering familial units for the progress of our community. Its vision is being a Centre of excellence for the development of confident, compassionate and morally upright individual with a passion for learning. It is the only MMO Childcare Centre with Integrated Child Care Program (ICCP) status, allowing Centers in Jurong East and Choa Chu Kang to accept children with mild to moderate disability. IYAD PERDAUS CHILD DEVELOPMENT has grown in the past two decade suite center of 3in1 services at our Centers with a total of 420 enrolments. 

  2. IYAD PERDAUS (JE) 3in1 Launching

On 29 July 2016, Iyad Perdaus at Jurong East launched our conversion and expansion and in attendance was Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Leader of the House as the Guest of Honor (GOH) to commemorate the launch. Other guests included community leaders, partners, friends of the community, contractors, Qualified Persons (QPs) as well as the media.

The launch started by welcoming of guests by our K2 at the void deck of Blk 243 Jurong East St 24 , montage of the processes of the expansion project, speech by the GOH, and presenting of gifts to GOH.Ms Grace Fu (GOH) commemorated the event by signing in front of the new wing, followed by a tour of the center and later an exclusive interview with the GOH. Event ended with reception at the void deck, which had been decorated for our Family of Iyad (FOI) Hari Raya event that afternoon. The official launch was aired on Berita on Mediacorp Suria that night, and subsequently featured in an article on Berita Harian.

  1. SPARK Certification 

Iyad Hougang became the first center to achieve Spark certification in 2016 after a series of challenges and lessons from other certified centers. The first step I took in this journey was Strategic Planning together with key teachers whom together we evaluated the center’s Self-Appraisal. We also analyzed our strengths and weaknesses while finding ways to overcomes them. We set long and short term goals then set timelines for specific objectives. 

Curriculum meeting were conducted twice a month to ensure lessons taught are meet the NEL framework. All documentation for the past three years was equally established and with the support of the management, we visited Spark certified schools for exposure. During the visits, our teachers learnt how to prepare learning materials for children from simple to complex. Teachers meet weekly to brainstorm on curriculum and class environment.   

On 2nd and 3rd August of 2016 ECDA officials carried out an inspection on classes and interviewed our Spark level teachers together with the Principal, and on 25 October 2016, the center was Spark certified. The assessment report containing key findings about our strengths and area of improvement, were discussed during our briefing with the ECDA officials.

  1. Iyad Leader resignation

Miss Khadijah Senan worked with our organization for over a decade. Her contribution to the organization cannot be matched to any. Her hard work, patience and most importantly her integrity helped the center grow into what it is today. During her service with the organization, Miss Khadijah worked on different capacities and in all of these capacities; she was consistent with her work. On joining, she worked as a teacher, and her hard work was paid off when she was promoted to a senior teacher. Later on, she was promoted to center principal, and on leaving the organization, she was working as the curriculum consultant. She left to remain in the early childhood sector, and we wish her all the best for her future undertakings.

  2. Muhibbah

On the 6th of October 2016, Iyad-Perdaus Child Development had its annual reflections focusing on progress and achievements made in past years. The program that was themed “Reiterate and Emulate the Appropriate Disposition in You’ (READY), was aimed at delivering proposed objectives in an informal setting. This included; 

  1. Strengthening the bond between our stakeholders.
  2. Recapitulate training agendas through activities
  3. Acknowledge staff with recognition initiatives. 

Activities of the day included; mass reading of staff pledge, “Listen and guess the song” activity among others. The attendance was 68 with 12 absentees.

  1. Graduation

Last year’s graduation was facilitated by Mdm Nur Hanis Mubarak in partnership with, Miss Nur Atikah Jamaluddin, Miss Marissa Ida Syazwani Azrael and Miss Nurulhuda Anuar. The event took place at Singapore Post Centre theatre on Friday, 11 November 2016. With an audience of 200 people, in attendance were, the Guest-of-Honor, Ms Rahayu Mahzam, the MP for Jurong GRC, Perdaus alumni and K2 parents and families from all our branches. Main activities included;

  1. Speech delivery by president of Perdaus and GOH.
  2. Graduation montage presentation.
  3. Awarding of certificates.
  4. Performances from graduating children.

However, parents recommended for a change in day in next graduation to allow enough time to attend Friday prayers.


  1. Review of Social Studies (Iqra and values learning) syllabus and Malay language teaching @ Iyad 

To improve our quality of education, we hired a consultant to review the overall state and performance of the above standards of teaching and content knowledge delivery. In addition, we restructured our Social Studies and adopted Arabic Phonics in the timetable. To ensure a smooth transition in the above components, teachers went through sessions of training and mentoring. In addition, we acquired new resources in order to improve the quality of teaching. 

Future Plans

In order to enhance the learning process and its efficiency, we intend to compile all Lesson Plans prepared in 2017 to cover for the next 2-3 years. We also intend to introduce a pilot project for Iqra program for the young children. 

  1. Customer Service Analysis 

Customer Service Analysis is aimed at gather feedback about the quality of care and service that Iyad provided to in 2016. In addition to this, we intend to make a comparison between the performance of 2014 and 2016. This will help Iyad strategize on how to improve our services.

Format and Structure 

The feedback termed Iyad Parents Survey was carried in all three Iyad centers in December 2016. On average, the ratings stand at 71%. Survey questions focused on staff-child interaction, quality of learning environment, health and, communication and engagement between parents and Iyad as well as level of inclusiveness.

Key Findings from Survey (need it to be descriptive)

It was established that the majority of parents value the staff-child interaction above all and therefore concerned about the quality of care given by the caregivers at the centers. Generally the center attained slightly above average. Parents were also concerned about a conducive learning environment, especially in reference to their children’s emotional health. Open communication seemed to be the main force behind a conducive learning environment. In relation to this, parent have high regard for staff attitude and perception since it affects how caregiver interacts with their children on a daily basis. However, Iyad needs to improve on inclusiveness, cultural empathy as well as instilling positive values to children.

General Overview

Being the 3rd survey carried out by Iyad, the overall rate is AVERAGE. This is 2% lower than 2015 but an improvement from 2014 which had Satisfactory. Iyad’s management must endeavour to improve services by taking remedial and proactive actions to address weaknesses (those below 55%) and enhance service quality.

Future Plans 

To improve the general rating of Iyad, all staff needs to undertake training in soft skills, specifically on training oriented towards competency in aptitudes. In addition, to boost academic qualification, the staffs need to consider utilization of CPD. The quality assurance department also needs to carry out sporadic auditing on centers especially in areas of environment, curriculum implementation as well as health and safety. 

  2. Appointed Inclusive Preschool 

In 2016, the Ministry of Family and Social Development (MSF) consulted with individual Integrated Child Care Program (ICCP) providers on transition to Inclusive Preschools (IP). Iyad Perdaus was one of the ICCP centers to confirm its interest to become Inclusive Preschool, and we have shared our initial plans to recruit or train the required professionals and deploy or cluster services with MSF. On 21 April 2017, MSF confirmed the appointment of Perdaus as Learning Support (LS) and Development Support (DS) Service Provider (SP). The period of appointment is effective from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2019. In May 2017, there will be signing of the funding agreement between MSF and Perdaus.  

Therefore, Iyad Perdaus will be providing Learning Support (LS) services through our three Learning Support Educators (LSEds) graduating by the end of 2017. Meanwhile, Iyad Perdaus will acquire services from Therapy Hubs/EIPIC centers for Development Support (DS), as our Early Intervention (EI) teachers continue with their studies. In future, Iyad Perdaus will set up a pool of LSEds, EI-trained Teachers & Therapists to be deployed to other non-anchor Operator. 

  1. Home Improvement Scheme (HIP) @ Yuhua Zone 

Iyad JE will undertaking HIP later in the year and the affected premises include Block 241, 243 and 244. All parents have been briefed on the same through emails. After a joint inspection between HDB (contractor) and IYAD on 8 Feb 2017 on internal premises, it was found we need some repair of the sparling concrete and water pipe. This will require evacuation for a month as HDB works to repair every area. 

A place at Kowabunga, former Perdaus Youth (SAFF) premise used as temporary premises for Kindergarten Two-level children. The children will be sent by their parents daily to the center and then transported by buses to Kowabunga for their daily learning. They will be sending back to the center in the later part of the day. 

  1. JE SPARK 

On 6th April 2016, JE got a visit from the Licensing Officers in regards to the 12 months / 24 months license. Once JE acquires the license, it will proceed to seek SPARK Accreditation. The Action Plan submitted earlier will be reviewed by the center’s SPARK Team. 

The leaders, together with Curriculum Team will help teachers by going around working on the environment. Teachers will need to be on prompt with lesson plans and file in their respective files. Although the emphasize of SPARK is on Nursery One till Kindergarten Two, the Early Years level will also be encouraged to keep in track together as to inculcate good practices 


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