Recruitment Methods for Entry Level Managers

Entry level jobs mainly do not require much scrutiny of applicants because they do not require much skill and knowledge and they are usually accompanied by low pay. The first method that can be used to recruit entry level managers is public employment agencies. These are government agencies that are used to match skills of potential employees with that required by an employer. Contrary to private employment agencies, public employment agencies are not used for highly skilled professions. The main advantage of this method is the ability to reach a wide range of potential employees within a short time. Secondly, the method can come in handy when a position is vacant and it cannot be filled internally. One of the shortcomings of this method is inconsistency in terms of matching skills of employers to employees (Wiggan, 2007), thus employer may end up with an unqualified employee. Public employment agencies also charge expensive fees and there might be lost time if a suitable candidate is not found. 

The second method is direct application and waiting list. This is where individuals place emails, mails, direct phone calls to the company they are interested in. Here individuals send their resume and application forms even if there is no job advertised. From these applications, the company is able to build a waiting list base which they can use in the future. The main benefit an organization can achieve from this is its fast nature and is of relatively low cost. The company can easily get qualified individuals because there are many desperate qualified people sending applications daily. Direct application provides a wide pool to choose from. The main shortcoming of this method is the company can waste a lot of time in finding the right candidate if they are not qualified. 

The third method is recruitment through current employees. This is an informal method where the employer may seek reference from current employers. This method is based on the notion that the employer will be able to trust these employees. This method is also referred to as word of mouth. The first advantage is employees for a vacant position can be obtained very fast. The cost of this method is almost zero. This method has a high probability of attracting unqualified candidates because of relationships. This method might lead to charges of discrimination (Reddy, 2015). 


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