Public administration


The course that I want to study in graduate school is public administration, a course that teaches on the management of public institutions and non-profit organizations. The course equips learners with knowledge and skills related to different issues such as public resources, leadership, communication, accountability, analysis and solutions to contemporary problems in management, among other issues.

I want to study this course because I am driven by the passion to serve my community and make a difference in terms of service delivery in public institutions. Other than equipping me with the knowledge mentioned above, the course will prepare me with the skills needed to make an impact on how the local and national governments are run. I am a very ethical person who is always driven by integrity and helping improve the lives of other people and I believe that pursuing a course in public administration will enable me to use my integrity to enhance the lives of communities. Besides, the course will prepare me for a career in government or public service where resources are limited and being efficient is mandatory.

Once I get my degree, I plan to join a government institution or public agency where I will take an active role in managing public resources. Since I am driven by the need to improve the community, I plan to efficiently manage people and resources, oversee expenditure and serve as a consultant for the ultimate good of the public. I also plan to grow up the career ladder by performing excellently and always seeking for promotions. My goal is hold a government position where I can make the most impact on how public resources are managed. With a degree in Public Administration, I believe that I will be in a better position to serve public interest.


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