Promotional Mix: Internet Integration

Promotional mix includes the various strategies that organizations employ to increase their brand awareness and market their products. Some of the common promotional strategies include traditional advertisement, personal selling, direct marketing, sales promotion, and digital advertisement. Nike is one of the leading apparel and accessories companies in the world. Nike uses traditional advertisement platforms such as the television, newspapers and magazines as they have a wide reach and have a big impact on product awareness. Personal selling is used to help consumers make the right choice on Nike products and make informed decisions. The company uses direct marketing such as salespersons to introduce new products in the market and reach a target market such as colleges. Nike uses sales promotion such as coupon to create the image of perceived benefits on the consumers mind for purchasing their products. Nike uses the internet as more of a communication and information tool. While the other promotional strategies create the brand awareness, the customers can view the various products on the company’s website, get more details and do a comparison. The social media pages such as twitter are used to respond to queries. For instance, the feed responds to more than 100 tweets per day (Moth, 2013).

Samsung is a multinational company that deals with consumer electronics. Samsung uses traditional advertising platforms such as television because of their wide reach and huge impact. The company uses brochures and pamphlets as they give more information to the public about their products especially the new ones in the market. The company uses corporate sponsorship to increase their brand awareness in events such as Samsung Open Tennis Tournament. Sponsorship shows the business is not only concerned about the profits but also the community. The company attends the relevant trade fairs for each of its products. In the trade fair, the company is able to showcase their new products and the consumers get to actually sample the products. The company uses short clips and images that can be shared or accessed over the internet, which explain the functioning and uniqueness of their products. The company heavily uses the internet campaigns in emerging markets such as China to compete effectively by saving costs. 


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