Project Postmortem

TO: Project Stakeholders and Sponsors

FROM: Student’s Name, Project Manager

DATE: June 23, 2015

SUBJECT: Postmortem Review on Training


Following a successful offsite 2-day training session project, it is important to furnish you with a postmortem review for discussion in the upcoming meeting for evaluation. The review will entail the pros and cons of the project as well as the project achievements that were attained. The objectives will be assessed to ascertain whether their conclusion was successful. The 2-day training session aimed to enhance the technological and communication skills of the employees. Since the organization plans to enroll a new and integrated system, it was deemed important to carry out the training session to provide the employees with the necessary skills to operate the new system. 

This memo seeks to outline the benefits and drawbacks of a postmortem review of the 2-day training project. Further, it will detail the persons who should participate in the review meeting, and give the points on what the participants will hope to discover upon conclusion.

Benefits of a Postmortem Review

A postmortem review lists the goals and outcomes of a project, stakeholder participation, as well as the budget against the final costs. It seeks to document what was achieved according to plan and what was not during the project. The review areas include cost components, for instance, budget, time, people, office space, and software. Other areas include communication and employee morale with an emphasis on conflict management, project deadlines, scope, and requirements.

A postmortem review provides an honest feedback, especially after a bad project thereby giving the willingness for improvement. It also ensures that everything is in place to ensure that actions that are taken, especially if the organization has well-defined methodologies. However, this requires a strong leadership and process to ensure that the improvements made boost the success of projects (Von Zedtwitz, 2003).

Since every project needs a closure, this postmortem review will be a good opportunity to bring all participants in the project together before working again on another project. Therefore, it will act as an assessment for a review of the good and bad, enjoy the success and thus assist the participants to move to the next project.

It will also assist the organization to focus on a continual improvement of the project as the team members ask for feedback. This enables the team to pinpoint reasons for problems, suggest solutions as well as the positive value perception thereof. The feedback derived from the postmortem review helps in mitigates stress emanating from the unknown thus boost the workload.

Drawbacks of a Postmortem Review

The postmortem review is faced with the problem of delays, whereby it may be too late to fix certain problems that may have occurred during the project. Moreover, the size of the project may make it hard to ascertain its success due to the few indicators involved.

The Participants

A meeting to discuss the lessons learnt from the project will be held on June 30, 2015 at 10 am at the Garden Inn conference room for; 

  1. The project sponsors, 
  2. Stakeholders, 
  3. Project manager, and 
  4. The project development team 

Presentations will be made to stakeholders. To ensure valuable feedback, stakeholders will be allowed give their views on the project and how it can be improved.


The postmortem review meeting will provide suggestions for project improvements in the future with regard to what the organization should start doing, keep on, or halt. It will also lay out the new practices for the next project. Further, an action plan for application to the next project will be developed, reviewed, and a reflection on the lessons learned done to provide a new guideline to follow in future. 

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