Photography and composition

Photography and composition

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I chose the photo of Oscars Selfie taken by Bradley Cooper and displayed on the Times Magazine most influential images of all time in Time Magazine Website. The photo uses asymmetrical balance whereby the size, tone and form of the subjects in the photograph are balanced even though the mirror images have no equal weight. For instance, the people at the foreground are balanced by the people located in the background. in addition, the subjects or people on the left side of the image are balanced with the people on the right side of the photograph.When looking at the photograph, a viewer will be initially drawn to the subjects or people on the foreground and is soon drawn to the subjects or people in the background. Looking closely at the photo, it is not symmetrical but there is equal balance of the objects.

Another feature of the photograph is its use of color balance. The photograph has different colors including red on the lower left side and the neutral colors of black and white are spread on other parts of the photograph. While the viewer might first focus on the red color, he or she is not overwhelmed because the red color is not too much. Rather, the neutral colors create some sense of balance such that the photo does not appear too heavy on the left side.

The photograph however lacks tonal balance as there is no clear contrast between the light and dark areas of the photograph. In other words, the photograph has no dark areas. The photograph has managed a conceptual balance whereby it is asymmetrically balanced. The photo generally has a balanced composition. 


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