Paid Work Term Report

Size and History of the Organization

The Lonch Group is a Chinese pharmaceutical giant located in Langrong Group Wanrong Pharmaceutical Industrial Park that specializes in the production of Chinese traditional medicine (Lonch Group, 2015). The company has branches in various countries including Canada. It has more than 5000 employees. The Lonch Group has 14 pharmaceutical members who work together with the purpose of modernizing the pharmaceutical production base in a unique development model. Some of the companies, such as Shanxi Langzhi Pharmaceutical Logistics Co., Ltd and Lang marketing system are tasked with the marketing of the group’s products. The group has consolidated different companies to ensure that it produces and processes its products’ raw materials to reach the finished product, which reduces its cost of production (Lonch Group, 2015).

Products, Services and Main Activities of the Organization

The group’s products include the Zhizhu Kuanzhong Capsule, children Qizhen pills, the Xiaojian capsule, the Lema back injection, the Zhenqi Fuzheng granule. The company also produces a wide range of capsules, pills, granules, Miao medicine, and injections, all of which are traditional Chinese medicine. The company produces, markets, and distributes its Chinese medicine to consumers using its different affiliate companies and conglomerates. Further, the Lonch Group is involved in research and development, from which it allocates a big chunk of resources to stay ahead of competition regarding the latest and best medicine in the market. The company also operates a grass pretreatment line to help in the production of innovative pharmaceuticals and essential medicines (Lonch Group, 2015).

Types of Clientele the Organization Serves

The company’s clientele includes the Chinese people and different pharmaceutical distributors of the essential medicines. The consumers of the company’s products include people suffering from either of the 25 disease areas in which the company specializes. The company also works closely with its affiliate companies to ensure that products reach the final consumer with ease.

Types of Equipment 

The company’s equipment include its advanced production equipment, which involves the capsule filling machine, one step granulator, belt vacuum dryer, and aluminum plastic packaging machine. Other equipment includes alcohol sink, Chinese herbal medicine sterilization cabinet, high-efficiency coating machine, the production process materials, and supporting advanced automated control system. These machines are essential for the extraction and concentration of dry and efficient integration of automatic production. The drying equipment used in the process include the vacuum Low temperature liquid continuous dryer and the one-step granulator. While at the paid work term, I had the opportunity to work with the vacuum cryogenic liquid continuous dryer during one of the special assignments in the workplace although most of my time I worked with a computer and tablets (Lonch Group, 2015).

The Relationship between the HR Departments to the Rest of the Organization

I was assigned to the human resource department, which works with the rest of the organization to ensure quality as a core value of commitment in the workplace. The department also ensures a recruitment of the best talent to implement the company’s objectives and ensure leadership in the Chinese traditional medicine industry. The HR department works with the rest of the organization to make sure that workers from diverse backgrounds collide each other wisdom to create the necessary results (Lonch Group, 2015).


Description of Responsibilities

As an office clerk, I was involved in working in human resource field, accomplish personal administration and managing labor relations. However, my duties varied according to the office procedures and included such activities as processing files and finding the necessary information, making new contracts, handling personal profiles, and renewing contracts for other employees. Other responsibilities included answering telephones, word processing, office machine operation, and filing. I was also tasked with communicating with clients, employees, and other individuals to disseminate or explain information, and address complaints.

Further, I was involved with typing, formatting, proofreading, and editing correspondence as well as other documents in addition to preparing meeting agendas, attending meetings, recording, and transcribing minutes. During my internship, I made several travel arrangements for different office personnel. I was also tasked with processing and preparing documents, for instance, business forms and expense reports as well as delivering messages and running errands.

Specific Projects I Worked On

The specific projects that I worked on included handling clerical work on natural medicine and chemical drugs within the pharmaceutical organization. Such work enabled the smooth functioning and success of the office. As part of the specific projects, I handled correspondence, maintained office files, and prepared reports, which ensured the input of information in predefined company databases. I also kept a constant touch with the company’s vendors and suppliers in a proper and timely manner. I verified shipments from China for recipient and quantity information through paying bills and compiling financial records.


Types of People Worked With

During my paid work term at Lonch, Inc., I worked in conjunction with employees and students in the accounts, human resource, and production departments to produce the much-needed synergy to meet the organization’s objectives. I occasionally worked with members of these departments as an individual and in a team. I came to appreciate how my contribution was valued as we all took the initiative to solve problems once they arose. However, inevitable teamwork problems came up but were later solved amicably, which taught me that achieving results is much greater than the sum of each team member’s contribution.

While working with employees in the accounts department, I learned the importance of shared vision, values, and goals. The manager gave us a sense of purpose regarding our contribution to the organization. To us, goals represented a motor for motivation as the manager put the right people in the right place. The departments had clear responsibilities for each employee as well as the team members to avoid the risk of overlap. The employees from the different departments came to accept me as a team member when they found that I was putting every effort to ensure that I learn all I could in addition to ensuring that everyone works to the benefit of the organization.

Academic Training Preparation

The academic training prepared me for the paid work term at Lonch, Inc. by giving me an in-depth theoretical analysis of the work of an office clerk. Before I entered the paid work term, I was well versed with most of the tasks I was given although at the workplace I had to do the practical bit of the work, which was a bit challenging at first. Academically, I had been exposed to case studies regarding working in a pharmaceutical organization, which provided me with a glimpse of how it would be like to work on real-world industrial problems related to drug discovery and innovation as well as handling employees in the human resource departments of such organizations.

Further, the academic training I had gained before joining Lonch, Inc. made me capable of accomplishing various short scientific projects regarding my understanding of the pharmaceutical industry. The academic knowledge I had gained prior to the paid work term made me build a strong network with experts and fellows in the field, which I believe would positively contribute to my future career development.

Recommendation for Additional Academic Topics

The paid work term would benefit from academic topics, such as basics of self-development and advancement training. Other topics include employee welfare measure, worker participation in management, 360-degree appraisal, and performance management system.


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