Organizational Environment

The organizational environment involves the social and physical factors that have the potential to impact the organization in different ways (Pride & Ferrell, 2016).  Propel is a leader in digital solutions using the Do-It-For-Me approach for the SMBs. The organizational environment of Propel Marketing entails managing digital presence and online marketing strategy (Propel Marketing, 2016). Content marketing leads the industry by generating three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing.

Moreover, 28% of the companies have cut their advertising budget to fund more digital marketing with more players becoming multiple-channel savvy and increasing their presence at the sites that are sufficient to attract more customers. Statista (2016) estimates that total sales from the social selling will surpass the $30 billion mark worldwide in 2016.

The demands and dynamics of the digital marketing industry include the pressure to demonstrate value to clients even as the companies are incentivized on both performance and price. However, the average annual digital marketing operating budgets entails a 25% of total revenue. The positive side of the industry is that approximately 71% of businesses are creating more content than before although the quality is still a challenge (Statista, 2016). Moreover, the image of digital marketing has to deal with perception issues since 83% of consumers have reported having a negative experience with social media marketing (Mooney & Slobodian, 2016).

Propel Marketing would see a continued rise in tracking meaningful business metrics, such as contribution to revenue. However, the company would have to create its campaigns around concrete data, with all efforts requiring frequent testing, measuring, and adjusting. Propel would need to personalize dynamically the content it offers her clients by serving up the right message at the right time. Propel will fit in the dynamic industry by continuously monitoring and analyzing social activities to keep customers interested through social channels by continually feeding and nurturing with new content.


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