Nurse as a Role Model

In the nursing profession, a nurse should act as a role model to student nurses and peers. This involves possessing the beliefs, values, philosophies, and attitude that are core to the nursing profession (Phoenix, 2013). This involves holding positive values about illnesses, health, life, and death, and this incorporates being aware of one’s own values as well as clarifying the values of a client.

As such, a nurse should possess the belief that people are different and thus cultivate open communication channels through active listening to ensure feedback moves from all levels. This is important to maintain the vision of an institution as well the success of mentoring and creating a collaborative environment for staff satisfaction and retention (Phoenix, 2013). One should also have self-determination and personal development philosophies.

As a nursing student, a role model would be a nurse who is influenced by the philosophy of seeing the patient as a distinct human being and thus treating them with the deserved dignity and respect and thus assist the patients to retain, attain, and regain their health (Jill, 2007). The long-term goals of a student nurse based on their role model would entail the attitude of collaboration with other healthcare practitioners to provide the best plan of care for monitoring and educating patients on the importance of good health.

Phoenix (2013) explains that the values that a role model nurse should possess include altruism, integrity, autonomy, human dignity, and social justice. Altruism means doing the common good and having concern for other people. The nurse, as a role model, should have the right to self-determination as well as observe human dignity by respecting the uniqueness of individuals and populations (Marquis & Huston, 2009). Further, the nurse should act honestly with adherence to standards of practice and codes of ethics. With regard to social justice, one should work to ensure equity in access to healthcare in addition to equal treatment of patients under the law.


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