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Discuss how strategic management links strategy with implementation
In order to understand strategic management links strategy with implementation, it is important to understand the three concepts, strategic management, strategy and implementation. Strategic management refers to the process of identifying the objectives of an organization, developing policies to achieve these objectives and allocating resources so as to implement the policies. A strategy is a plan that a company’s management takes in order to increase profits, productivity or even revenue. Implementation of a strategy involves achieving the set objectives while still remaining open and flexible to new opportunities.
Strategic management links strategy with implementation in that implementation involves achieving the strategies that a company’s organization sets. In order to implement the strategy, the objectives should be realistic and based on the underlying market factors in the economy that the organization operates in. implementation involves realizing a strategy that fits in the current organizational structure so that the structure is appropriate for the intended strategy and vice versa. While strategies address the what and why of the set objectives, implementation involves the who, where and how of an organization. Both strategy and implementation are crucial factors in strategic management.
During the implementation process, the company’s management decides the steps that should be taken in order to implement the objectives of the strategies. Implementation makes sure that the company makes the changes that have been initiated through the strategic plan and that they are in line with the budgeting, information systems and reward schemes to be used in strategic management. The overall objective of the implementation process is to integrate the objectives of the strategy with the daily, weekly or even monthly routines. The objectives realized through implementation should be in line with the objectives set in the strategies.

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