“NCRCC: Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction” 5 & 7

Question 5

According to the case study, McMahon Group was commissioned by NRC country club to assist with strategic planning by conducting a study that would shed more light on the current problems that the country club is facing and finding the way forward. In addition, McMahon specializes as a consultant for golf clubs and full service golf facilities. Considering the formal way in which McMahon was contracted to conduct the research and the experience of the consulting firm in working with golf clubs, the best way to present the study findings to the NCRCC board should be formal. The presentation should be done orally and also through printed findings. To make the presentation formal, the consulting firm should schedule a formal meeting with the NRC country club board and request that all board members be present for the oral presentation. Based on the reputation of McMahon Group in doing similar studies for golf clubs, the consulting company executives or their representatives should do the presentation. 

The oral presentation should consist of a PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes on every slide. In addition, the PowerPoint presentation should incorporate as much info graphics as possible in form of tables, charts and pictures. The presentation should be simple and not over-detailed. Besides, it should take as little time as possible so that the board members do not get bored (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). The person doing the presentation should engage the board members as much as possible so that the presentation is informative enough to address all the questions that the NRC country club board members might have. 

The oral presentation must also be accompanied by a printed document that contains all the study findings. The printed document should have a summarized section and a detailed section whereby all the study information and data is presented. A copy of the study survey questions or questionnaire must also be included to demonstrate to the board members that McMahon Group was thorough in conducting the research. The findings presented in both the oral and printed presentations must be relevant; this means that the data must be based on the study objectives as agreed earlier by both NRC country club and the consulting firm. In addition, the information, particularly the data presented in the PowerPoint should be sufficient to enable the board members to explore as many alternatives as possible while addressing the problems facing the country club (Quinn & Rush, 2009).  

The data should also point at recommended actions that the country club could consider and the expected outcomes of these actions. McMahon Group does not want a situation whereby the data presented is not relevant enough to help in arriving at recommendations and conclusions. However, the findings in the printed document can be integrated and more detailed so that it could be used for both internal and external purposes by the country club. The consulting group should also provide a platform whereby after the findings have been presented, the board members could have an opportunity to get back to the consulting group to ask questions or give feedback (Bryman & Bell, 2015). 

Question 7

Based on the study findings, adding new facilities such as tennis courts, a swimming pool, a health and fitness center, a driving range, and a short game practice area have a high possibility of attracting new membership from people not affiliated to NCR. In addition, the new facilities would provide the country club with the best opportunity to increase membership. Since NRC country club needs to attract new members, the best option would be to add these new facilities.

However, before adding these facilities, the NRC country club needs to consider several factors. Firstly, the country club needs to assess its financial position and resources to finance these new facilities. To raise the money needed, the country club might need to increase membership fee, look for an investor, or take a loan. If the current members are willing to pay more for the membership fee, this would be the best option for the country club to raise money for the new facilities. 

Another thing to consider while adding these facilities is the return on investment (ROI). For NRC country club, adding these facilities should be more beneficial in the long run in relation to the amount spent to make the renovations and additions. In addition, the country club should make the investment worthwhile. This implies that the new facilities should attract new sources of income or membership fee to recoup the money used to add the new facilities. 

For instance, once the new facilities are complete, NRC country club could consider changing the types of memberships, the benefits they offer and the associated fees. For example, social membership should include only the current facilities being offered and of members want to use the new facilities, they might need to upgrade their membership fees as well an annual fees. In addition, the membership fees for all members including the old members should increase when the new facilities have been added. 


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