Mission and Vision Statement: PepsiCo

PepsiCo, popularly known as Pepsi is a multinational company in the food and beverage industry and has been in operation for decades. The company’s mission statement is: 

To provide consumers around the world with delicious, affordable, convenient and complementary foods and beverages from wholesome breakfasts to healthy and fun daytime snacks and beverages to evening treats. 

Firstly, the mission statement identifies the company as a global player thus having a wide market reach. Secondly, the statement identifies the clientele that the company serves who are individuals of all ages, gender and class that prefer convenient and affordable food and beverages. In a nutshell, the company defines its clientele according to their lifestyle. The mission statement is clear about its leadership position in the market. The company further notes that they are concerned about people (employees) and the community they operate. This is a good indication of how the company is concerned about the welfare of the overall stakeholders and not only the customers. The company further emphasizes on long-term sustainable growth, which is key to current and future operations. 

The vision statement of the company is:

To deliver top-tier financial performance over the long term by integrating sustainability into our business strategy, leaving a positive imprint on society and the environment.”

The primary focus points of the company’s vision statement are sustainability, top financial performance, and corporate social responsibility. A vision statement focuses on the future and straight from the outset, Pepsi defines where it wants to be in the long-term, which is delivering top-tier financial performance. The vision statement further clarifies how to achieve the top-tier financial performance that involves the integration of sustainable business practices. The company wants to enhance development and harmony in the community they operate as well as ensure the environment preserved for the future generations.

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