Medicine and Health

The biggest challenges that the public health encounters today is obesity and chronic diseases. These issues are deeply engraved in the society and ever increasing by the day. The major cause of these issues is mainly eating habits and lifestyle (Kelly, 2006). Obesity and chronic diseases can be dealt with by a three man team comprised of a public health official who can be white, an African-American clergy and a Hispanic or Asian official from a national agency.

The choice of this diverse team is because it will bring objective and impartial solutions to the table (Myers, 1996). First of all, a white public health official will bring in his/her expertise concerning obesity and chronic diseases. An African-American clergy will instill some moral sense in terms of lifestyle to things pertaining alcohol, drug abuse and so on which might lead to chronic diseases. African-Americans clergy are known for their tough stands on moral issues (Haskins and Benson, 2008). A  Hispanic or Asian official from the national agency will represent the government on this issue and their culture will represent the minorities. The main problem that might arise from this collaboration is mainly the difference in careers. The clergy are more philosophical and religious while public health officials are more scientific, this is a best case scenario of a mix of water and kerosene. This can be solved by trying to find a common ground between the careers.

Similar plans have been made by public health leaders who try to bring a mix of various cultural backgrounds and careers to have a diversified opinions and solutions to the problems facing the public health, but the plans only have specific career individuals such as lawyers, nurses, doctors and public health officials. The plans have been successful in reducing obesity and chronic diseases through the reach of different target groups and identifying the challenges that hinder providing services that can reduce these issues. The main challenge overlooked by these plans is the incorporation of school officials in the team. Many school going children are victims of obesity (Smith, 1999). and chronic diseases and this is the best point where public health issues can be addressed. The plan can be improved by identifying a team which has a team member who represents multiple careers such as a national agency.


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