Management-research question

Question 1

The management-research question hierarchy is based on Business Research Methods book by Cooper and Schindler (2011). According to the authors, the management-research question hierarchy is made up of six levels and the questions can be developed as follows:

Management dilemma – These refers to the issues or symptoms that cause a dilemma to the management team. For the NRC Country Club, there is the need to attract new members by increasing golf membership to 680 and also attracting social membership. The management hopes that the new members will bring in additional funds in form of membership fees to support the renovated facility and add new features to the facilities that members are constantly asking for. 

Management questions – these include the pressing questions that an organization’s management is trying to express. From the case study, the following are the management questions:

  • How can the NRC country club increase golf and social membership? 
  • Why are new members not joining the country club?
  • What is preventing social membership from increasing?
  • What makes NRC country club different from other country clubs that it is not attracting a lot of membership?

Research questions – these questions point out to what researchers want to find out about the topic (Williams, 2007). From the NRC country club case study, the following research questions can be identified:

  • What facilities or amenities do other country clubs offer to attract membership that NRC country club is not?
  • What facilities or additional amenities will help attract social membership for NRC country club?
  • What are the membership fees for NRC country club compared to the membership fees of other country clubs?
  • How does the casual dining facility and services in terms on menu variety, speed of delivery and professionalism of staff at NRC country club compare with that of other clubs?
  • How can NRC country club attract sport tourism for golf, swimming, fitness and other sports?
  • What are other country clubs doing to attract sports tourism for golf, fitness, swimming and other sports?

Investigative questions – This involves exploring different things in order to address the research and management questions. For the NRC country club case study, the research questions will be as follows:

  • How satisfied are the NRC country club members with the current facilities and amenities being offered?
  • How satisfied are the NRC country club members with expanding the facilities and amenities offered by the country club?
  • How satisfied are the NRC country club members with paying higher dues to facilitate the changes they want?

Measurement questions – These are the quantitative factors that could help address the research problem or topic. For the NRC country club case study, the measurement questions are as follows:

  • What percentage of NRC country members are comfortable with the current facilities and amenities offered at the country club?
  • What percentage of NRC country club members wants new amenities and other changes to be implemented?
  • What percentage of NRC country club members are willing to pay higher dues to get the additional amenities?

Management decisions – These are the suggestions or recommendations that are based on the findings of the research. For the NRC country club case study, the management decisions could include the following:

  • Introduce new facilities in order to attract new members and have the members pay higher dues the enable the expansion.
  • Implement the changes and have the members pay higher dues until when membership increases to the target, then go back to the original fees.
  • Implement no changes.

Question 2

The research question in the case study is finding out how satisfied are the NRC country members with the service being offered at the country club and the amenities that the members want to be included in the service offerings. To help address the research question, the researchers used several measurement questions including:  

  • Finding the percentage of members satisfied or very satisfied in comparison with satisfaction level for other clubs,
  • Finding the age group that was most dissatisfied with the club’s amenities, 
  • Finding the percentage of members who joined the country club for dining, 
  • Finding the percentage of employees that were satisfied with dining, golf, the course layout and the course condition,
  • Finding the percentage of members that were satisfied with different dining services such as speed of delivery, professionalism of staff and the menu variety,
  • Finding the percentage of members considering it important for the country club to offer more adult dining as opposed to casual dining, and
  • Finding the percentage of members who found the dining prices to be the same or higher than dining prices of other country clubs.

Considering the research questions, the measurement questions were all appropriate in helping explore and address the research questions. However, the measurement questions explored in the case study are more than the measurement questions identified while building the management-research question hierarchy. This implies that the measurement questions were more through in addressing the research questions (Long, 2014).


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