Hiring Medical Sales Consultant

In order to hire the best candidate for medical sale consultant, it is important to understand the job description of the job. The main product that the consultant should sell is Health Care Information Technology (HCIT), this means that the person should be flexible so that they can meet hospital teams, doctors and relevant stakeholders in the health care industry to present the product and persuade potential clients to purchase it. According to Milbery & Greenwald (2001), a sale consultant should be able to flog a product they are well acquainted with, especially that many medical practitioners are well educated and are quite vast with Health Care Information Technology. Sale consultant should be able to provide a top notch pitch when meeting clients (Muir, 2008). A medical sales consultant should be flexible because the job involves a lot of movement with minimum destructions. Sales consultants have to work around potential clients schedule so they can work for long hours and also out of the office with unpredictable schedules.

Karen Comfort is the best suited candidate for this position because he posses the most combination of the aforementioned qualities required for the job. Families can be a barrier to such commitment as a sale consultant and an individual who is single such as Karen would be an added advantage. Karen has worked in different medical specialty practices making him vast on the usage of HCIT in different divisions in a medical facility. Karen has also worked with technical individuals in the health care, which means that on top of having networks where he can make sales, he has the knowledge required to convince the elite group in the healthcare industry. The organization needs to make sales of its HCIT solutions to the global marketplace; therefore location or residence of the officeholder is not important because it’s for sure they will be travelling around a lot. Karen has a Bachelor of Science Nursing which provides him with the necessary knowledge in the industry.

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