Hardware and Software revolution

Hardware is any physical device that is connected to the computer. Examples of hardware include the computer display monitor, mouse, printer, or hard drive. Software refers to computer programs, processes or documentation that are used to perform particular instructions. Software is made up of set of instructions that allow people to interact with a computer efficiently. Examples include system software and application software. Both hardware and software are needed for a computer system to work and the software provides instructions for the hardware to perform particular tasks. The main difference between hardware and software is that hardware can touch while software cannot be touched.
I believe the most important hardware innovations are the hard drive and the CPU (central processing unit). The hard drive has been used to store computer information reliably. The hard drive has been used to store the operating system, documents, music, and videos. I believe that the hard drive is one of the most critical innovations because of its ability to store memory. The CPU is also an essential hardware because it provides speed. This speed has propelled knowledge and understanding in various fields, and it has enabled people to accomplish tasks faster.
I believe that the two most important software innovations are Microsoft windows and the web. I believe that Microsoft Windows is important because it provides numerous programs like word, excel and PowerPoint that are quite useful to computer users. The web is another important software innovation that has connected the whole world. Through the web, anyone with access to the internet though a computer can access any type of information whenever the need it. The web has made getting information or even finding directions or places very easy for almost everyone.

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