Happiness refers to the positive emotions that a person feels. It also refers to the extent at which a person likes or is satisfied with his or her life.  A happy person experiences more positive emotions of joy, content, satisfaction and pride, and experiences fewer negative emotions like sadness and dissatisfaction (Lyubomirsky, King & Diener, 2005). In my view, a happy person is content with life, experiences moments of pleasure, and appreciates life and its elements like family, friends and work. How much a person is happy depends on the extent at which the person is satisfied with life and experiences moments of joy and pleasure. 

Happiness or the experiences of positive emotions differ from one person to another. This implies that while one person might find pleasure and joy in elements like family or work, another person might delight in taking holidays or staying indoors. These individual differences might be attributed to various factors including personality traits, genetic disposition, cultural factors and social factors. 

I believe that in order to be happy, a person should enjoy good physical and emotional health. A happy person should also be able to love himself or herself and accept the strengths and weaknesses that they possess. A person who wants to be happy should also be able to have and maintain social relationships. This is because everyone needs to have people who love and care about them. Money is also a requirement for happiness as it takes away worries like paying bills and buying basic items. Without these, a person might feel sad, stressed and dissatisfied.  

While happiness is subjective and differs between individuals, I believe that social relationships, good health, love and self-acceptance, and money are the key requirements of happiness. 


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