The Democratic Party is committed to protect civil rights and fight to end all forms of discrimination based on the party’s history of defending civil rights and equal opportunity for all. The Republican Party’s policy on rights is based on the constitution that confirms the God given rights assuring equality before the law. The Constitution party believes in the constitution securing the rights of American rights as given by God   

The parties’ goals in the area of civil rights are similar in that all parties believe that there are God-given individual rights that the constitution aims to protect.  Another similarity is that they aim at fighting discrimination in all forms. The main difference is that in Democratic Party, civil rights are contained in the issues of the party while in Republican Party and Constitution Party, the rights are contained in the parties’ platforms. The Democratic Party’s goals are also very clear and precise

I stand by the political philosophy of equality before the law and both the Democratic and Republican parties have stated clearly in their goals on civil rights. The Constitution Party however does not have a specific clause on equality before the law.  I support respect to human rights as a political value and all the parties have upheld this value in their civil rights goals.  

The Democratic Party’s goals on civil rights are likely to be very effective in mobilizing voters to support the party’s candidates on the national level. This is because the party has had a solid stand in fighting for civil rights in past and the goals are very clear. The Republican and Constitution party are not very likely to mobilize voters to support the parties’ candidates on the national level as their goals on civil rights are not very clear  

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