Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting
Good Will Hunting is a movie about a brilliant young man, Will Hunting with a low-skilled job, hangs out with friends, fights in the neighborhood, is arrested, and also secretly reads each material he comes across. Matt Damon plays the main character, and the story revolves around Will’s mind as he undergoes therapy instead of serving a jail term. Through the therapy and counseling by Sean McGuire (played by Robin Williams), Will is able to discover himself and realizes his true worth.

The image and pictures used in this film are very natural, and the director of the film, Van Sant, has repeatedly used warm ambers to bring up a sense of humanity and sympathy for Will. On many different occasions when Will is in a safe and comfortable place, the director uses warm and inviting colors. In this case, the color amber is used when Will is in his apartment, in Skylar’s (played by Minnie Driver) room, and at the counselor’s office. The use of amber shows that Will is himself as he feels safe and comfortable. Van also uses blue or white colors when Will does not have that safe feeling. This is seen when Will meets Sean for the first time, and the cold colors show how uncomfortable will is.
Van uses a creative camera movement in the film by using different techniques. At the beginning of the film, when Will is inside the apartment, Van uses a pulled-back dolly shot and an aerial shot during a paly ground fight. Van also uses handheld camera position artfully to create a sense of closeness when Will and Skylar are in bed. This angle creates a sense of closeness and emotional connection.
This film uses different and creative techniques that cause a viewer to think about the various features involved.

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