Factors that contribute to the success of social movements

Factors that contribute to the success of social movements


There are various factors that significantly contributed the accomplishment of social movements. A few factors are the courage that is portrayed by individuals who stand firm for what’s right. In any case, realizing that the vital thing is to be authentic, and respect one’s self and kids. It is, additionally, essential to stay with an open mind and avoid self-righteousness regarding one’s vision. This can encourage regular development of one’s view, and that is alright. As one develops mentally one’s perspectives may change. Be that as it may, one can in any case hold fast to the essential principles of justice and fairness (Loeb, 2010). One ought to likewise comprehend and understand the law that is used in one’s social movement circumstance. Know how to approach and utilize the law to ensure members of one’s movement, and have common regard and trust for each other. Also, one ought to have great structure so that every part knows their position and obligations (Goldberg, 2010). 

Lessons on Socially Responsible Actions from History 

Also, socially responsible action could be example today after effective movements of the past. One way could be to utilize the standards of Dr Martin Luther King Jr., and finding serene and peaceful means to an end. Take, for instance, the besieging of animal research offices, and clinics that offer abortion service. This is going too far with a blast. Furthermore, obviously, these activities wipe out any ethical nature and morality of the performer and the mean is unmerited and unjustifiable. One’s activities or means ought to be ethically intelligent and having consistency with the end (Loeb, 2010). It is also possible to learn by taking after the case of effective and successful movements, for example, those driven by Dr King through peaceful demonstration. And in addition, learning and applying the law. Socially dependable activities might be effectively connected today steady with those of the past (Ling, 1998). 

Socially responsible actions and the internet

The introduction of the internet has enhanced the aspect of globalization. Today, people from all the parts of the world are connected with the help of the internet. The presence of the internet has changed the approach towards social responsibility. With the help of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is easy for one to advocate and promote social movements to a massive number of people at the same time.  However, it is critical to note that the use of the internet needs a high level of caution. The kind of information passed needs to be accurate and reliable. The kind of language used must also be chosen wisely to ensure that the action does not turn to be a source of conflict with the stakeholders. 


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