Eye on Development,

Developmental continuum refers to the order of skills that children acquire and develop as they grow. From the video, it is evident that children keep on acquiring a new set of skills as they grow. Infants who are below the age of 6 have little smooth muscle development, and they can only observe the environment using their eyes and hands. At 2 years, children are mostly moving around a lot, repeating words and exploring the environment a lot. Children who are between 3 and 5 years are able to follow routines like washing hands, stops playing and assist the teacher take away toys and does things in more appropriate ways.

At different stages of development, children are expected to have certain skills and behaviors. However, every child develops in his or her own unique. For instance, a child is expected is expected to start walking at the age of 12 months, but some start walking as early as 8 months while others start walking at 17 months. Also, there are some infants who are crawling at 6 months, but other 6 month old infants can be seen rolling across the room. This only shows that every child develops in their own unique way.

Children develop through three major domains-physical, cognitive/language, and social-emotional. However, whole child development sometimes overrides paying attention to the three domains of development. Whole child development focuses on how a child learns from experiences and individual milestones and not focusing on what a child is expected to do. Children develop at different paces, and no two children are the same. For instance, a 5 year old child may not play well with other children like her age mates. This does not mean that the child is not developing like other children her age but it only shows that every child develops at different paces.

Child development is quite exciting and it is always thrilling to see a child learn to do a new task. For instance, it was very thrilling to see an 8 year old infant stand without any support. It is clear that the parent was very happy.

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