ELL proficiency standards

Language domain  ELP Standard (basic level)  Content standard  Performance objectives 
Listening and speaking  For K-12, it is ideal that the learners are exposed to language content and standards that facilitate their understanding of the core basics of language.

This will enable them to relate with their social and academic levels and requirements.

Listening and speaking is critical for the achievement of most basic concepts of the English language, and should thus entail motivators to speak and communicate effectively. 

The contents should have stimulants to active listening and efficient communication through language use as the motivator (Bailey & Huang, 2011). 

Objects and structures should motivate the people to speak and listen effectively, which would spur them into reading and writing in the latter stages of language standard development. 

The standard should be interactive, normative, and social in nature. It should focus on the basics, rather than the complex application of ideas and concepts (Fry, 2008). 

The contents should also motivate and spur the senses, especially to the junior levels that require basic knowledge of language for their development. This will spur their normative and social stimulation to relate with the language especially in listening and speaking. 

The objects used should be friendly to them, such as utensils, fruits, toys, and other domestic stuff that the learners can easily relate with, which is essentially important in the long run. 

The content should also contain objectives, terms, and action which stimulate the learners to critically listen and speak, which is the main goal of this learning content. 

Content: language

The objectives should entail faster, effective, and efficient learning of English language based on the standards. 

Writing  The core state standards in the learning of English across different levels require that the teachers motivate learners to be able to write what they have felt, seen, tasted, or felt. Thus, the learners should be exposed to learning activities that facilitate the learning outcomes and which motivates them to actively learn about the writing the English language content effectively (Fry, 2008). In this regard, the content should focus on the long-term goals and objectives of the anticipated outcomes.

Writing and reading should be the determinants of an effective learning process.  

The educators should design the lesson plan that appeal to the need for the learners to write the content of the learnt English language (Wright, 2015). The content should also contain the alphabetical contents which inspire the learners across basic learning groups to adhere to the contents required and motivate their ability to effectively motivate each other into writing effectively.  Content: language

The language should be simple, constructive, and effective in understanding, which enables for the knowledge of reading and writing of contents. 

Reading  There are different aspects of reading that learners could be exposed to effectively. In this regard, the educators should prepare lesson plans that appeal to the potential to effectively read and write the contents which have been seen, felt, and touched (Wright, 2015). This calls for interactive and familiarity with the contents of the issues related to understanding the knowledge of the contents of the reading materials and ensuring that the learners know lots alphabetical letters to achieve the required fete.  Designing lesson plan should entail contents which stimulate the learners to be able to relate the objects with the alphabets and specific sounds. In this regard, the lesson plan should ensure that the learners are familiar with social and academic application of alphabetical letters and other attributes of the contents (Bailey & Huang, 2011). Through this, the learners will be able to reach their peak and learn to relate the objects with the language standards that motivate the senses into action. Essentially, the language and the content will be ideal in the realization of long term learning goals in the language teaching for the basic levels, including motivating the learners to learn how to read objects, actions, and feelings.  Content language 

The content should contain language that motivates interaction, support, and ability to effectively read from each other. 

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