Describe how basketball managed to gain global attention

Basketball has managed to gain global attention due to various reasons. Globalization has contributed to the increasing global attention of basketball as it has led to international scouting and recruitment of talent, sales of player merchandise and jerseys around the world, distribution of the games through broadcasting and webcasting, and international investing in team ownership. Embracement of international talent has attracted millions of viewers around the world by enabling the games to be viewed in various countries and through various languages. Top leagues are also scheduling games in foreign countries and this has contributed to the growing audience and fan base. Broadcasting and webcasting attracts viewers all over the world to watch the game of their choice. International investing in team ownership has enabled the game acquire an international appeal (Riches, 2013). Another factor that has contributed to the increasing global attention of basketball is the way it is being practiced outside the United States. Basketball players are able to develop their talent and skills just like in any other sport like football or athletics by developing clubs that allow them unlimited practice time. Apart from clubs, there are national federations that ensure that coaching of basketball clubs is done on the basis of fundamentals and teamwork (Longman, 2013).Basketball’s popularity has also grown its popularity globally because of the celebrity element that influences the game. Players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and Lebron James are some of the prominent players that have dazzled people through their unique moves. This has made the players become celebrities because of the way they have influenced the game and basketball enthusiasts. The celebrity status of the players contributes to the popularity of the sport all over the world (Kovacs, 2014). The increasing global attention of basketball has brought competition to popular sports like football and athletics, and its popularity is still growing. 


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