Customer Relationship Management

In this project there are three main tasks; training, customer relationship management and marketing. These three tasks are further subdivided into sub-tasks as described in the excel spreadsheet. Each task should have a project lead that has unique skills and expertise necessary to carry out his or her tasks. The training task will have two project leads each from marketing and the IT department. The lead will possess the skills and expertise of both those in the marketing field and CRM as discussed below, in addition to this the trainer will have qualification talents, research habits, attitude, digital savvy, presentation style, listening skills, ability to combat objections, trust building and storytelling.

The project lead in the marketing area should have the following skills; community management, web development, Video marketing, basic HTML, social media marketing, Marketing technology, agile marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, web design, content marketing, knowledge of the market, create remarkable customer experience, revenue driven and knowledge of their customers (Cheverton, 2004).

The project lead in the CRM should possess the following skills; research skills, big picture thinking, friendly personal attitude, knowledge of CRM software, ability to acquire and retain customers, strategic thinking skills, ability to connect with strangers, ambition, direct marketing skills and awareness of consumer needs (Nykamp, 2001).

The effort for the three main tasks is as follows:

Training 104
CRM 1,752
Marketing 1,952


The first step in determining the effort for the project was breaking down the tasks into manageable units so that it would be easy to define the man hours required to complete a specific task.  Research and experiment with different estimation tools was utilized to ensure some degree of accuracy. A conversion factor was utilized to cater for the man hours that can be lost through things like power outrage, absenteeism, low efficiency, lack of resources, etc. a contingency factor was also used in the duration estimates to cover unforeseen circumstances. It was assumed that the workers are working 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


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