Comparative Utilization Data from Online Database


The Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, HCUP provides databases as well as software tools and products containing diagnoses and discharges, patient demographics for clinical and non-clinical information. The databases provided by the HCUP are used for research on health policy issues, treatment outcomes, and medical practice patterns. This report examines the hospital’s inpatient admissions that are money-losers.


The sample design is drawn from the discharge records of the hospital’s inpatient department.


To ascertain the inpatient admissions that are money-losers, it is important to discuss the total discharges made and the terminations of the hospital lodgings.  In a case where a patient is discharged from an acute care unit and booked for another care setting, that counts for a discharge from the setting in question. This would be used to determine the continuum of care with a focus on initial admission, service provision to create an efficient process, and post-acute setting discharge and follow-ups

Findings and Recommendations

The hospital has changed its medical practices and models of care so that more elective procedures can be carried out. The changes provide benefits to the patients, however 4 percent of them develop minor complications leading to emergency admissions thereby increasing the number of emergency readmissions. Moreover, the departments are faced with growing pressure accompanied with greater tendency to admit patients.

It would be important for the hospital to consolidate the inpatient admissions to ensure that they produce profits. This would also ensure that the payment system for acute medicine receives a set price for the financial incentive to provide for admission of more inpatients. Changing the medical practices, policy changes and changes in the demographics would ensure that more admissions are made. Further, the system can be changed to ensure that patients are admitted through walk in centers, emergency departments and directly on to the hospital wards from the GP referrals.

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