Community health

The community health improvement program would aim at ensuring the providence of:

  • Access to affordable health services,
  • Affordable and nutritious foods,
  • Community knowledge in health policies and rights,
  • Clean and safe community environment, and 
  • Access to affordable and safe facilities.

The vision of the program would be empower people to live in a healthy and safe community. The program would be upholding trust, respect, health, safety and equity which will be the core values of the program.

In order to achieve the vision, values and objectives, the program shall ensure that the community has access to a holistic lifestyle in terms of health and wellbeing. This will be done through the program’s core activities that include: 

  • Training community health advocates on health and safety,
  • Improve and monitor access to healthcare service for all community members, 
  • Advocate for the rights of the elderly in chronic disease management,
  • Organize campaigns and develop advocacy strategies to represent the community,
  • Develop and run leadership development programs for health advocates and, 
  • Support the development and use of systems that would monitor the activities and projects of the health advocates. 

There will be four priority areas which include education, environment, healthcare access and partnerships. 

  1. In education, the program will aim at enhancing the living and working conditions of individuals and improve learning opportunities in order to have a positive impact on the health of individuals.
  2. In environment, there would be community engagement in order to enhance awareness on health and safety.
  3. Health care access will be enhanced in order to ensure access to quality health care. 
  4. Partnerships will be made with stakeholders including the government, well-wishers and other public health stakeholders to ensure a comprehensive approach to improving health and safety.


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