The course changed my perception on the whole subject of communication and I learnt various lessons from it. One lesson I learnt about communication principles is that communication does not come naturally and that it is learned. While everyone can communicate, each person communicates differently and this implies it is not inborn. For example, when one goes to a foreign country whose people speak a foreign language, he or she will not be able to communicate unless he or she comes across someone who can speak his or her own language.

Another lesson learnt about communication principles is that various rules and norms guide how people communicate. This implies that there is a way people communicate across different circumstances. For example, when picking up a phone call, the receiving person says, “Hello” and the caller responds with, “Hello” before the two could go on to discuss the subject of the phone call.

Through this course, I also learnt a few lessons on valuable writing. Firstly, I learnt about the importance of etiquette and how to include it in any business writing. I learnt that etiquette goes a long way in establishing a good relationship with other people. For instance, it is always important to inquire about the wellbeing of the person you are writing to. Secondly, I learnt that in business writing, it is critical to have the right tone and avoid any negative emotions. For example, words such as “I am disappointed” or “I am angry” should not be part of business writing. 

From these lessons, I will be able to communicate clearer and more effectively in my academic, personal and professional life. For example, I now have the listening and interpersonal communication skills to handle job interviews, maintain friendships and interact with my professors. 

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