Code of Conduct Memo

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To:         All employees

From:     The Manager

Subject:   Texts and phone calls during working hours


Dear Team, 

The use of an individual cell phone for calling or texting at work has been prohibited in the company’s code of conduct, this strategy is intended to guarantee that phone use while at work is both safe and does not upset business operations (Godwin, 2000) . 

This behavior has been on for quite a while now and is affecting the day to day business operations. This issue should be taken after with high need. All the staff working in this company needs to co-operate in actualizing this arrangement with no deviation. 

As you all know this is a call center, and the clients need our maximum attention as this is a busy call center. Each employee need to go outside the workplace to go and take individual calls if it’s necessary. Every individual call will be restricted to not over 5 minutes. 

Team leaders should report those breaking the rules for action.


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Team leaders

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