Business Research Methods: Thinking Like A Researcher

a) Propose the concepts and constructs you might use to study this phenomenon.

While studying this phenomenon, it is necessary to identify the concepts and constructs to study. A concept is a collection of meaning if events or objects that one wants to understand through research (Schindler & Cooper, 2014). Concepts are often not measurable. In this scenario, the concepts that I would consider using while studying the phenomenon are customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, sales experience, sales representative, female sales representative, and male sales representative. While choosing constructs for the study, I would think of the items to measure while doing the research. In the current situation, some of the items I would measure include customer defection, overall customer satisfaction and repurchase behavior by the customers. 

b) How might any of these concepts and/or constructs be related to explanatory hypotheses?

These concepts and constructs could have some form of relationship with explanatory hypothesis. Explanatory hypothesis is also known as causal hypothesis and involves an assumption that a variable or a change of a variable could cause changes in another variable. For the concepts and constructs developed above, they could have the following relationships with the explanatory hypothesis:

Customer satisfaction – an increase in customer satisfaction leads to customer retention and repurchase behavior by both male and female representatives. This implies that improved customer retention and repurchase behavior can be caused by customer satisfaction.

Customer loyalty – a more loyal customer is more likely to be retained by both the male and female representative. A customer who is loyal to a product or brand will more likely be a repeat customer (Wood, Johnson, Boles & Barksdale, 2014)

Sales experience – a sales representative that has more experience in sales and marketing of a particular product or service is more likely to convince a customer to make a purchase than a sales representative with little or no sales experience. 

Sales representative – a sales representative who has the necessary training and passion in sales will retain more customers that a representative who has no formal training or skills needed in sales. 

Female sales representative – female sales representatives can nurture strong relationships with customers because they are better listeners; hence, they are better sales representatives compared to men.

Male sales representative – men are generally poor listeners compared to women and this could affect their ability to maintain relationships; hence, men are less likely to retain customers than female sales representatives. 

Customer defection – a high rate of customer defection leads to too many customers being lost and this ultimately leads to poor sales and revenues. A low rate of customer defection leads to fewer customers being lost and this makes a sales representative to make more sales (Deeter-Schmelz, 2017).

Overall customer satisfaction – a high overall customer satisfaction leads to a customer who is more willing to make a repurchase and this could increase sales and revenue. A low overall customer satisfaction could leads to a customer who is no longer interested in making a purchase or repurchase and this could lead to the loss of customers and reduced sales.

Repurchase behavior by the customers – a high repurchase behavior by customers shows that the customers is satisfied with a product or service and this could lead to increased sales and revenue. A low repurchase behavior by the customers implies that the customer does not want to purchase or repurchase a product and this could lead to poor sales and revenue.



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