Benefits of Ashford University Library


Ashford University Library is a digital library that endervours to accessible and high quality learning opportunities that meets the diverse individual needs. With the increased popularity of digital access, it becomes imperative to have accessibility to first-rate online resources.  Through the this library one can access a range of research resources in online formats. Some of the electronic resources available in the library include general magazine and scholarly journal articles, newspaper articles, e-books, legal documents,  company profiles, reports,government publications and conference proceedings. Also Ashford Librarians, interlibrary loan services and instructional tutorials are available for assisting in any research.  The essay will look at some of the benefits of using this library in research (Sharma, 2011).

Difference between  scholarly and popular resources

Scholarly resources are those resources that have peer reviewed and are written by scholars in a given field. They usually have citations and their articles are based on research. They are usually long and their audience is particular e.g students, scholars and researchers. On the other hand popular resources are those written by journalists and may be be based on personal opinions. They don’t reference any works and usually address a general audience.

Benefits of Ashford Library

Ashford library offers variety of information in databases that are not accessible to the public but only to its registered users.Thus using this database is advantageous since it is only available to a particular group of people who have paid for the database or belong to Ashford University. The databases make it possible to access a particular information that is already proved by peers in a certain field as compared to searching it in google or yahoo whereby one gets only general information. Thus these databases offer a more reliable and high quality information:


Some of its databases include JSTOR that is used for locating science, humanities and social sciences journals, EBSCO for locating books and journals and WORLDCAT for finding books at local libraries.

Key things to remember

  • Should use Keywords that are specific
  • Should not use long phrases or sentences
  • Using google scholar appropriately
  • Save links and references on a separate document


For any research in the Ashford University to be effective, one has to understand what he or she is searching for. Then compress that information into short phrases or key words that he or she can use to access the required information. I strongly believe that with the right approach in doing research in Ashford University Library, one is likely to save time and get a reliable and high quality information.

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