Behavior Change Matrix


According to Rowe (2005) one of the most disturbing habits that face many teens and young adults is eating habits, which also affects me. The eating habits need to be shaken up a bit in order to live a healthy life and also lose weight (Roblin, 2007). Below is a chart showing a week long changes in the eating habits. The table will record aspects at two different periods in the day that the habits have the greatest impact.

Date Time Situation Emotions Thoughts Consequences
Monday 10 AM Break Adding frozen vegetables to everything Confused



Will I ever get used to eating these veggies Feeling like re-eating something sweet
Lunch break Order first when eating with others Apprehensive


How will my judgmental friends think about me A lot of questions from friends

Some sense of independence

Tuesday 10 AM Break No eating Uncomfortable


Will I make it to lunch break Very hungry
Lunch break Plate with full of veggies and protein and less curbs Optimistic



Are veggies supposed to be eaten this regularly Getting used to vegetables
Wednesday 10 AM Break No eating Uncomfortable


Failing to eat during 10 AM is not that bad Hungry but less compared to the previous day
Lunch break Eat veggies first on the plate Uncomfortable



These veggies have become a common place but they are not all that bad Appreciating vegetables are not that bad
Thursday 10 AM Break Sweetening coffee using almond milk Uncomfortable


The tea is not all that sweet.  The tea is not as sweet as before
Lunch break Avoiding destructions when eating Comfortable Actually concentrating while eating is not that hard and it is comfortable  Better metabolism and more comfort

Good manners

Friday 10 AM Break No eating Determined


Feeling good without eating Not hungry
Lunch break Eating steamed food instead of fried ones. Uncomfortable


Doesn’t taste that good. A little fat can suffice  Lacking taste
Saturday 10 AM Break Drink green tea instead of coffee regularly Uncomfortable


Green tea is rather uncomfortable to drink but it has health benefits Lack of taste, very uncomfortable
Lunch break Use mister for olive oil Positive


It’s quite surprising that mister has low calories and is an awesome substitute. Food tastes more flavored and has fewer calories.
Sunday 10 AM Break No eating  Determined


Now am used to it Not hungry
Lunch break Eating a little Contented


A little can be enough only if you eat a balanced diet Comfortable and relaxed.


The chat above shows the desired change in the first week. The desired change is to heat more health and reduce the frequency of eating per day. The main criteria used is introducing of more vegetables in the menu, not eating in all 10 AM breaks and choosing more steamed food rather than fried ones. Discomfort and nervousness are felt most at first due to changing of the status quo (Dennett, 2014) but with time determination and optimism start to show up which is a positive sign. Exercise will be included later when proper eating habits are established.


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