Analysis Case study of Monroe’s motivational pattern

Step one: Review lesson information.

Monroe’s motivational sequence is a technique used in organizing persuasive speeches that inspire people to take was developed in about 60 years ago, probably in the 1930s, by a person called Alan H. Monroe at Purdue University, where he was a professor. This mechanism generates a sense of need or wants in the audience, satisfies that need, and highlights the importance of that solution. To elaborate more on this, I would like to explain the difference between a need and want (German, et al. 2016). A need is a necessity. It’s something you have to possess to survive, for example, food, shelter, clothes.

Step two: Completion of a document.

 On the other hand, want is a desire; that is, you can thrive without it. It’s used to satisfy one’s interest as it is something you admire to have. For example luxury

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Pattern


Presentation Content for Step


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Step three.

It’s crucial to include a need for a presentation speech. It serves to create a kind of psychology to the audience for them to have the urge and desire to fulfil that particular need. It somehow creates a vacuum in their mind that they have to fill no matter what. This will make them to try by all means possible to achieve whatever thing you have created in their mind as the speaker. 

Step five and six.

In the deliverance of the speech, I found myself in another world, probably thinking the benefit that I would have after satisfying the need created in me in the speech. The products could improve my life and much more when used and also create an excellent platform for beginners to work with as sales also gave me a good impression of the product as the little information I had about them has just been topped up ideologically.

How to seek the audience’s attention made me even concentrate more due to the speaker’s approach. Although the rest of the patterns were interesting, this is the most exciting part that drew all my senses to listening (German et al 2016). The funny and detailed story and introduction made me decide ones, and for all, I have to concentrate on the rest of the speech he has to deliver. Involving the audience in this part also encouraged the listeners to have the thirst to know what next is to be given.

The presentation convinced me of the value of the product as the speaker cited various incidences where it was applied and became useful. More so, he highlighted some of the many advantages of using the product, the effects and outcomes, and they were not harmful by all means. Subsequently, the price is standardized, which even more was appealing to purchase them.

The Monroe’s sequence pattern is one of the methods used by professionals to market their product as convincing, persuading, and encouraging. It makes a particular message to be delivered smoothly and efficiently as it uses five basic techniques to make a speech clear and understandable (German, et al 2016). It can benefit me as a customer in many different ways:

  1. I will be able to convince other people who need the product without forcing them to understand my message.
  2. Through visualization technique, I will be able to see my progress in using the product and the benefits I will have incurred in a span of given time.
  3. I can use this pattern wherever I am called to deliver any given speech regarding any topic anywhere.



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