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Hannah and Her Sisters


Each performing artist needs a craft which is proportionate with his ability. Without craft there can be no workmanship/art, this implies that regardless of how clear and rich a artist’s creative energy may be, unless he or she has beaten the instruments important to express it, that individual is not a craftsman. A vocalist may be so touchy to a sure bit of music that each time she hears it, she begins crying uncontrollably. But in the event that she can’t hit every note perfectly and smoothly, in the event that she ends up somewhat sharp, then she won’t have the capacity to pass on that inclination to a crowd of people. Undoubtedly, she is not an artist by any means; she is just in love with music. A painter may have an energizing vision in his mind, however in the event that he can’t use his paints in a manner that precisely mirrors that vision, then he too is consigned to that group of individuals who have creative energies and adoration craftsmanship yet are not themselves craftsmen. So craft would appear to be a really vital thing. After understanding what the craft of acting is all about, this paper will discuss the 1986 film Hannah and Her Sisters and will specifically discuss the art of crafting as portrayed by Hannah. 

Hannah, Holly and Lee are grown-up sisters from a the artistic family, their mother who is an actress still trusts she’s an ingénue that can draw in any man she needs, notwithstanding as yet being hitched to the young ladies’ dad, Evan. Hannah, on her second marriage to a man named Elliot, a financial advisor, is the family’s achievement, enjoying a reprieve from her acting profession to bring up her youngsters. Everybody swings to her for exhortation, while she never converses with others about what she needs or feels. Her first spouse, Mickey, is a drama show author and neurotic, who is experiencing an emergency as he erroneously, trusts he will bite the dust soon without a reasonable conviction, as a non-honing Jew.  Holly is the frail flaky sister, a battling and  persistently unemployed on-screen character, who has recently begun a cooking business with her performing artist companion April, keeping in mind the end goal to do something valuable with her life. In her own security, Hannah even set up Holly and Mickey together tailing her own particular separation with Mickey, Holly and Mickey’s sole date which ostensibly was the most exceedingly awful night in both their lives.

 Holly swings to Hannah for everything in her life, including cash, notwithstanding feeling Hannah excessively judgmental about her disappointments. It’s amid a catering event that Holly and April meet David, a designer, who appears to be keen on them two. Holly’s insecurities may debilitate her potential association with David and kinship with April. Lee, who gathers unemployment, is allegorically the family’s bit of dirt sitting tight for the right craftsman to shape her. She has enduring with craftsman Frederick, who has disdain for everybody aside from her, and as being what is indicated depends on her for whatever his association with the outside world. This effectively complex aggregate turns out to be considerably more mind boggling when Elliot mulls over telling Lee that he has begun to look all starry eyed at her. His fascination in her is as much feeling unneeded by Hannah, who he wouldn’t like to hurt paying little mind to what he chooses to do regarding Lee.


Hannah has portrayed several ways in which she has craft in her act in Hannah and Her sisters. The primary craft to the authenticity of acting, be it on or off the stage, is that acting is trickery/deception: the on-screen character hoodwinks the gathering of people into trusting he is a certain character. Initially, there is the normal inclination for the overall population/audience to distinguish performing artists with their real self. In the film Hannah is known to be self-sufficient and emotionally strong and does not share her emotional distress to anyone compared to her sisters who run for emotional solace. The role of Hannah is played by Mia Farrow. Mia Farrow in real life is emotionally strong and has been an activist especially for human rights in Africa. She has acted the role of a self-sufficient woman emotionally in the film but in real life she is not emotionally self-sufficient, she acts this part exceptionally well by being able not to share her emotions with either her husbands or her sisters.

 It appears to be limitless to the general population that a performing artist can be so persuading in front of an audience and not be influenced somehow by the part. There is truth to this. It would not be bizarre for a performer to grow profound admiration for a character he depicts in front of an audience. A performing artist may likewise create regard for the splendor with which a character completes his insidious intensions (Zucker). Obviously there is nothing the issue with this aside from people in general suspects it goes a long ways past simply regard: that the character would spoil the performer actually. That trepidation is not new. Consequently Plato composed that performers should neither do a mean activity, nor be smart at acting a mean or generally despicable part on the stage because of a paranoid fear of getting the contamination in genuine life. Hannah has been fearless in taking up her role as the central character in the film and has been able to separate her real life from that of acting. What is amazing about this play is that Hannah is an actor in the play and in real life she is also an actor, but apart from acting she is a humanitarian who is passionate about children rights and she has involved herself in various charity across the globe.

There is a priori assumption in acting where it is difficult for the audience to tell if the actor is honest or serious about a certain scene or situation. People can judge someone in real life as play acting because they have associated them with a role they play in a film (Lewes). In the film Hannah is seen as a responsible woman who is taking care of her family. Hannah takes care of her mother, Norma even though her father, Evan castigates her (mother).  Hannah goes to her mothers and father apartment and shows how she can be responsible, she founds her mother drinking but takes the drink away and offers her coffee. With these signs of responsibility and emotional strength in the film by Hannah it is difficult to tell how Mia Farrow lives because she has been portrayed many acts of responsible behaviors through humanitarian acts.

It is critical to recognize the craft of acting and the art of acting. The craft of acting is the activity of a man resolutely putting on a show to be something or somebody for a restricted stretch of time in any situation for any reason. The act of acting is the use of craft of acting representing artistic purposes. Acting utilized as a part of a theater connection and in a few types of narrating would be cases of the act of acting. Hannah is able to play somebody who she is not for a period of 103 minutes in the film; in the film she has been able to play this part exceptionally well without deviation to act as Mia Farrow. It is most likely a questionable assertion; the craft of acting dependably has some component of correspondence as a major aspect of its motivation in any given occurrence.  The communication portrayed by Hannah is subjective; which are bargains of the humankind that are best indicated and felt as opposed to depicted.  Hannah shows some human compassion to her sister, Holly, who is a drug addict by lending her money several times to help her keep in check and direct her life in the right direction.

Hannah has comprehended the difference between the genuine/real life and pretend life and it has turned out to be a liberating experience for her and has enabled the film “Hannah and her sisters” thrive. She has been able to overcome stage fright/stage fear. The work of imagination for Mia Farrow has opened up such that the sky has become the limit and her creativity has bloomed. She has over the years able to play both a good and bad character. In this film Hannah is the protagonist as she is the central figure in the family who is seen as a figure to emulate and a source of encouragement to her family. 

Hannah has extraordinary zeal and without mischief the length of the aggregate tenor of the play stays positive.  It is solid in this connection on the grounds that comprehension of evil characters can be played. The creative play of Hannah is quite a bit of what makes her lively, celebration of the film itself. Creative play – the imaginative universe which the craft of acting is a section – extends the creative energy past the prompt or the self-evident. It is the spot where the unthinkable can be investigated. The ability of Mia Farrow to act has been developed through her experience in acting over the years for her roles before “Hannah and Her sisters.” Some of the films that Mia Farrow did before this film include; Guns at Batasi, Secret ceremony, follow me, the Great Gatsby, Peter Pan, a wedding, Avalanche, Hurricane and many more others. 

The craft of acting involves the expression of deep feelings and emotions during acting. For example in the film, Hannah screams with laughter when April suggests that Phil looks like Ichabod Crane. Her laugh does not seem acted of fake but it rather looks real.  Hannah laughs for a while and her laugh does not portray a tint of pretext, this is an exceptional display of craft in acting making an imaginative or play acting seem real.  Another example is when Hannah reacts to Lee’s comment that she had seen her ex-husband. Hannah reacts a bit angrily by stating that Mickey (her ex-husband) was a hypochondriac. The tone and her face countenance seem real to the way she reacted to hear the mention of her ex-husbands name whom they had divorced because of differences.

At the point when an individual or a crowd goes to the theater or watch film they expect or hope to enter the imaginative universe for a brief while. Their trust in the foundation of theater would be double-crossed on the off chance that they were baffled in such manner. This universe of imagination which is characterized as “the anecdotal world the specialists have made for us to envision” (Wolterstorff).  Hannah in the film empowers our creative ability past the immediate, the self-evident, and the genuine world. Yet this alongside sympathy for the characters and the vicarious experience of everything can just happen if the gathering of people unshakably goes into the imaginative universe.

The perspective portrayed by Hannah is called ‘willing suspension of skepticism.’ But this does not appear a decent depiction of what happens. What truly happens is that the Hannah demonstrates an effective ‘sub-inventor.’ She makes a Secondary World which your psyche can enter. Inside it, what she relates as ‘genuine’: it concurs with the laws of that world. You thusly trust it, while you are, in a manner of speaking, ‘inside’ (Wolterstorff)

The world of pretend that is created by actors for the audience to envision is inseparable from the real world (Goodale). The film is a family drama between three sisters about their professional life and love life. Hannah is a successful actress who gives up her job to be a Central Park West earth mother. Hannah is able to portray real life situation where women are forced to abandon their careers in order to take care of their children. Hannah brings this concept out very well. The other concept that Hannah displays is playing the role of the eldest sibling. Hannah is strong and she is able to act this role to encourage and lead the way for her younger sisters.

In conclusion, the craft of acting consists of a number of finite learnable skills that can only be acquired over time. As Rome was not created in one day neither is a good actor. Hannah has shown exceptional acting skills in the film “Hannah and her sisters.” Hannah has achieved the craft of acting through her voice, speech, tone and physical training. She has been able to create both the outward and inner manifestation of the character she is playing.  Throughout the play Mia Farrow has been able to re-create the character Hannah she has played and she has been consistent in her act.


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